Lip Seals in Chicago, IL

Many businesses rely on mechanical equipment for their everyday functioning, including businesses in the agricultural, heating and cooling, and transportation industries. Whether you work with farming equipment or plumbing systems, you know how important the quality of each individual component is. Even something as simple as lip seals, if they are not designed and manufactured properly, can lead to issues such as leaks.

That’s why Accurate Products is proud to offer custom-made lip seals for your Chicago, IL, business. We can make a lip seal that will perfectly fit your machinery, so you won’t have to worry about it interfering with your company’s productivity.

Fast Turnaround

Whether you need radial shaft seals or wiper seals, we can create them for you in our factory. Our high-speed machinery means that we can process most orders in a period of 24 to 48 hours. When you order your lip seals from us, you’ll never have to have to wait long to get your equipment up and running.

Reverse Engineering

We also provide reverse-engineering services. Just let us take a look at your equipment, and we can create a seal that is the right size for a secure fit. Whether you have completely new machinery created or just need a simple repair, the team at Accurate Products can help.

Quality Work

We are ISO-certified, and we can manufacture your lip seals to meet all PPAP requirements. We have been in the rubber manufacturing business for over 65 years, and we maintain the same high standards for our work that allowed us to grow from a small Chicago, IL, startup to where we are today. You can trust our products to function as intended and to hold up over time. 

To order your lip seals, call us at 773-878-2200 or fill out our online form.