Recessed Bumpers

Recessed Bumpers

Accurate Products is a leading manufacturer and distributor of recessed bumpers, we have more than 65 years of experience in serving both the industrial distribution as well as O.E.M. markets with recessed bumpers. If you want to inquire more about our recessed rubber bumpers, contact us today!

Recessed Bumpers Specifications:

  • Recessed bumpers absorb shock
  • Recessed bumpers are made of durable rubber that is tear resistant
  • Recessed bumpers have high chemical resistance
  • Recessed bumpers protect hard surfaces 
  • Recessed bumpers are available in variety of shapes at Accurate Products
  • Recessed bumpers are available in a variety of sizes at Accurate Products

The recessed bumper has a recessed center for fasteners or screws.

Recessed Bumpers Applications:

  • Recessed Rubber Bumpers are commonly used to protect and prevent surface to surface contact of materials such as metal or wood. 
  • Recessed Rubber Bumpers can be used as door stops or drawer stops. 
  • Recessed Rubber Bumper Feet are used for vibrating equipment or furniture feet.  

We make recessed bumpers to your specifications! We carry white recessed bumpers. To place an order for recessed rubber bumpers, call our order desk:
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In Illinois, call: 773-878-2200 Fax:773-878-3239

Recessed Bumpers Models

Recessed Bumpers Styles


 Recessed Bumpers Size Chart

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