Rubber Stoppers

Accurate Products is a leading rubber stopper manufacturer and distributor. Accurate Products has more than 65 years of experience in serving both the industrial distribution and O.E.M markets with rubber stoppers.

Rubber Stoppers Specifications

  •  Rubber stoppers are solid
  •  1 hole rubber stoppers available
  •  2 hole rubber stoppers available
  •  Variety of standard rubber stopper sizes
  •  Rubber stoppers made out of EPDM rubber
  •  Rubber stoppers available in black color

Rubber Stoppers Applications

  • Laboratory rubber stoppers - Rubber stoppers are often used to close test tubes and flasks to prevent liquid from escaping.  
  • Rubber wine stoppers - Rubber stoppers are often used for wine bottles
  • Vial Closure

We make rubber stoppers to your specifications! To buy rubber stoppers, call our order desk: TOLL FREE 1-800-782-7776. In Illinois, call: 1-773-879-2200 Fax: 1-773-878-3239

Rubber Stopper Models


 Rubber Stoppers Size Chart - Rubber Stoppers Dimensions

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